My Secret !

Buyers, Beware?

The year is 2214, and your computer’s dusty hard drive has just resurfaced at an antique store. Write a note to the curious buyer explaining what he or she will find there.

200 from years now, when my hard drive is being sell in an antique store than that would be amazing because it is unbelievable that it would be mine out of all people. The people from that year would not be able to know for sure what is that kind of thing it is they would be wondering about it. It would be amazing for them. 🙂 😛

To let me take down the note it would be so many because I like to save many things in there. In the hard drive there is really nothing to beware at all but for them it will be something really new because next 200 year something in my hard drive will become something that is amazing for them. I would write about those thing that it have in my hard drive for them so they will know more it, it is mostly about a singer that I like and it will also have my work during my high school. The buyer should know the information about and the history of my hard drive that is so messy. he he 😛  I would like to share that in my hard drive it will have my  school work, the pictures of the singer, actor, and actress that I like really like 🙂 :). It will also have many kinds of movie in there because I like to watch movie very much so most of the file will also be about the movie that I like to watch. The is mostly like Romantic Comedy, and many more type.

The buyer should beware of those things that I have written, but it is nothing much to beware about. Mostly it is about my life, that what I like, who I like, what type of movies I like and all. Those are all stuff that the buyer will be seeing it, that is all the buyer should beware of. 🙂 🙂


One comment

  1. mohdnaufil · November 3, 2014

    Don’t you worry buyer! Whatever you find strange in it, you may delete it 😛


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