Oil, Meet Water

Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?

Hmm… someone that is unlike me, for me there is one person that I did’t think that we would become with each other because she is not so like me. We are very different like super, it is fun to talk about it he he :D. We just like get along with each other like last year because we had class together for some subjects and she really like to skip classes which was completely different from me.

As time past by she came to talk with us and ask about homework and alls, that is how we start to talk with each other. It was nice to be friend with someone like that, even she like to skip classes but she was nice and kind. Later on she came to study more often but still skip the class and the teacher will always ask what happen to her, where did she go something like that sometime I feel annoy but it was a fun experience ha ha ha 😀 :D. Some people who don’t know her might think that she is not a good person, but when you get to know her, she is very good and nice. She really loves her friends very much, when they have problem she will try to help out in her own way. After a while we work in the same group for class project and it was very fun, the project it used one day to finish it. If she is not there I think it will use more time because other members in the group including me, we were playing around and watch cartoon but not doing the work ha ha ha 😀 :D.

In the end someone that is different from us, we can also become friends with them, but we can’t just look from the outside but we have to look from the inside. We all should learn how to be open-minded cause it can change our life by that, sometime we just look from the outside and not type to be open-minded, if one of us can be open-minded than we can teach others as well. Being open-minded is not bad at all, we all can learn new things also from that, it may be good, but if you judge it from outside than what is the point :|. Let’s try to be open-minded and accept more things he he 😀 😀 <3.


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