Want It Back

Getting Seasonal

Do you miss the holiday season when it’s months away? When you’re in the midst of holiday madness, do you enjoy it, or can’t wait for it to be over?

Yes, I do miss the reason and want it back very much. The season that I like the most is in December which is Christmas Holiday. Because during December it is a bit cold and I really love it, and during that time I would be able to enjoy the holiday with my family and it is so much fun that I can’t even forget about it.

I really enjoy it very much because out all holiday Christmas is always the longest one and I really enjoy it because I got to spend time with my family, Even it seem like a long a long holiday but for me it was so short time passes by and I didn’t notice it because I was doing is enjoying the time with everyone. I think most of the people would also say that Christmas is the best holiday ever. I would really miss the holiday and wish that it shouldn’t have end and I want to go back to those days. I can’t even wait for the Christmas again because I love the cold wind that we get once in a while and the time that we spend together that will never get out of my mind or memories.

During those it was all wonderful but to me Christmas is a bit special and I love it very much. Having time to together with our family is a wonderful thing ever that have happen. Waiting for Christmas again is so boring I really want it to be Christmas again and spend time with everyone. We all need to use our time wisely, and find something that will make us smile for no reason at all so that we would enjoy the life more and do what we like, stay with who we love and share the memories together. Those thing is what money can’t buy the happiness time, memories and all which will always stay in our heart no matter what. 🙂 ❤


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